Tuesday, February 27, 2007 0 reflections

Notes to a SPAMMER

SOMETHING BIZARRE HAS STARTED TO HAPPEN to me in the last few weeks. It has been a part of my daily life for several years now, but it is only in the recent past have I realized that someone out there in the chaotic explosion of color is paying special attention to me. It is only now that I have seen the true meaning behind these underrated and misunderstood characters that have been an integral part of our lifestyles the last decade.
Okay – so you need to know who it is. The ironic part is so do I. The relentless rain of special offers for increasing my manhood by using various promising medication never has a name attached to it. The juicy offers on fascinating real estate deals never have an identity for me to appreciate. These anonymous entries are making it impossible for me to decipher who it is out there with a passionate ground to write to me personally. I wonder what face adorns the body of this individual who spends a few minutes of his/her life every single day sending me messages that he/she knows I will delete. How amazing a heart should these individuals have that despite knowing that all the comments left on my blog are moderated to be published, they do not let that inspired message sending to stop.
If that person is reading this right now, and I am sure he/she is, then I have to confess that my admiration for your energy only increases with every note you send my way. I am such a lazy goon that I don’t even write to my own parents sometimes yet you find the time in your rather hectic daily routine to send a few words of random gibberish to me without even wanting to be recognized. Ah! Now that is truly being a selfless human being, isn’t it? What force drives you to do this with such infinite joy and enthusiasm is beyond my comprehension but one thing I am sure of. I will always welcome your meaningless word-chains with a ‘delete salute’ as my way of thanking you for thinking of me at least once a day.
I hope you can continue this trend for as long as you can since with time I have realized that nothing brightens my day with some new messages in my email box – even if it is from you, oh nameless one.