Monday, April 17, 2006 1 reflections

iMTorrents Banner Contest Winner!

IndianMovie Torrents is a Indian movies community website that I have been a part of for the last few months. They recently held a banner contest which required participants to design a theme based banner that captured the essence of the community. With the limited skill sets I possess, I designed the following banner. Please click on it to view the larger version.

The good news is that I won the contest by being placed a close second and getting 20% of the 500+ votes that were cast. The person in the first position secured 23% of the votes. As a prize I recieved 30GB worth of upload value which is most welcome.

I hope I can continue contributing to such communities in my atomic ways.

Monday, April 03, 2006 5 reflections

Writing in Kannada on the Internet

Kannadigas worldwide are always trying new ways to be able to keep in touch with their roots. That said, one of the main limitations of the Internet seemed to be not being able to write in Kannada. Well...the solution is here! I am sure many of us Kannadigas already are aware of this solution but for my part I decided to put together a small tutorial which sheds light on this issue. Before we begin it is important to understand the word Unicode. With Windows XP machines this text format has made viewing and writing Kannada text on the computer possible. This basically means that you can read and write Kannada without having Kannada fonts installed on your computer. With that assumption, I am going to show you 3 methods that I have found useful to accomplish this task.

Method 1

1) Visit and download the latest version of the Baraha software which supports almost all the main Indian languages.

2) After downloading and installing the application you will get something called "Baraha Direct" which is an application that takes over your keybo
ard settings to allow you to type in Kannada. Do not worry, you can always come back to English by pressing F11 key.

3) Double click on this application and it opens an icon in your System Tray (bottom right corner of your desktop) that will be used to apply the Kannada setting.

4) Now once you see this icon there right clic
k on it and the choose the following options.

5) Once this is done then you are set! Your keyboard is now officially ready to start typing in Kannada. As you can see in the screenshot above, pressing F11 at any time will bring you back to English mode and so there is no need to panic.

6) Now using the kAMglish lingo (this is something you can learn from the help in Baraha software) you can start typing in Kannada in any box on the Internet.

With Internet Explorer browser the Kannda font is clearer in my experience. The text seen above was typed as "idu kannaDadalli bareda maatu....SaSi...."

Method 2

1) Visit and download the latest version of the Baraha software which supports almost all the main Indian languages.

2) Open the Baraha software and type your text in it.

3) Now click on the a->A button on the toolbar to make your document publish ready.

4) Now click on the export button (white colored one) to export this document out as Unicode text.

5) Now choose "Text (UNICODE) File" from the options presented to you. Once you click on OK here, it will ask you to save it as a text file which can then be opened with MS-Notepad application.

6) Now open that text file which you saved in Step 5 and copy the text as shown in the screenshot below.

7) Do not worry. It is supposed to look like gibberish since it is Unicode text. Now paste it anywhere you wish and you should be able to view Kannada appear.


Method 3

1) Please note that this method works only with the Firefox browser. You can get it by clicking here. Visit the website which offers an online kAMglish convertor which enables you to type directly into it and paste the relevant code into any box on the Internet.

2) Once pasted you should be able to see Kannada text appear without any trouble.


Method 4

Just visit and start typing! You can also switch between Kannada and English using the F12 key. The website also has useful tips on what to press to produce which letters in Kannada!