Saturday, November 17, 2007 4 reflections

[POEM] - On a day like today...

Dear reader,

I am not the one to pen love-sick poems on a regular basis. But then...there are days when some faces from a significant past come back to haunt.

This is a tribute to one such Herculean loss.


On a day like today...

On a day like today, on a morn this blue,
I look out the window and I see you,
Fading past the frosted sidewalks,
In a veil of innocence and a smile anew.

On a day like today, when I think of the past,
Images and sounds come back and last,
For a lifetime in a minute, and then echo back,
Within the gorge of my memory's vast.

On a day like today, your words haunt me,
As I think of the bygone era of glee,
A time I had never imagined I would lose,
In the crowd of life where joy wasn’t free.

On a day like today, your face follows me around,
And asks me questions that have no sound,
I smile to myself and whisper ‘I am alright, my darling’,
To your shimmering silhouette that vanishes into the ground.

On a day like today, I mourn losing you,
As I know my world would have had a more vibrant hue,
Had you been around to paint my soul's existence,
With the colors of your love in red, white, blue.

On a day like today, an old saying rings untrue,
As to how loving and losing is better of the two,
Since I am convinced the source of those words,
Had obviously never known that wonder called – you.