Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reflections of Hope

This is my friend Sidd in Ooty recently. When he shared this image with me yesterday night I could not help but ponder on this piece. Although taken as a regular photograph, this image spoke to me somehow. The setting, the background, the railway track, Sidd's pose, attire, the sunglasses, the half-smile expression...everything made this photograph too good to resist experimenting with. Hence, I designed this artistic impression(wallpaper sized) of the original photo of Sidd.

So what is it that I saw? Well...there is a sense of hidden optimism in this photograph. The railway tracks seem to denote the journey a boy has taken into becoming the man he is today. The colorful background while shining through to the naked eye, hides behind the half-open eyes of the protagonist who seems to hold so many untold stories in them. The outlook, though appealing, projects a sense of positive stride despite the pitfalls he has seen in life. The gaze, though obscure, helps him look towards an uncertain yet positive future. This and much more is what I found in this otherwise simple looking photograph.

Excellent photograph Sidd. One of it's kind really bhai.


5 reflections:

Deepa said...

Liked the way you wrote that. Not many people can read so many details into a photograph

shakri said...

Thank you for the appreciative response Deepa.

wookie said...

Optimistic shadows or Shadows of optimism? You have beautifully captured the picture in words.

shakri said...

dhaMyavaadagaLu wookie nimma anisikeyannu illi haMchikoMDiddakke.

Please keep visiting.

wookie said...

Kandithavagi matthe beti koduve lol