Friday, March 31, 2006

Kannada Torrents Winner!

Kannada Torrents is a community website dedicated to Kannada movies, music and other related material. I have been a regular visitor to their website for almost a year for my regular fix of Kannada movies. They recently held a banner contest to which I had submitted several entries. Surprise! Surprise! I not only won the contest pretty much single handedly but they also included all my designs as a rotating banner on their website. This means that everytime you refresh any of their pages you will see another one of my banner designs. You can visit and see them all. Here are all the banners that were finally selected:








3 reflections:

ರಾಮಪ್ರಿಯ said...

hey.. nice to see one more winning product from SK factory... cheers to u mate !!!

shakri said...

d'vaadagaLu ram. :) I hope this trend of winning SK Products continues.

necrophobic said...

I guess u also won the IM torrents banner contest..u are really a nice designer ..would u please do a banner for my High Quality Kannada music videos blog page..

Take a look..

U know me from KNDG and KT..and orkut..and i've been a fan of your blogs and your book,
flash,articles..etc etc..
So please dont let me down