Sunday, August 27, 2006

Raving about my new live-in friend!

There comes a time in every man's life when a new spot of light brightens his day. To me it has been my laptop for the last 5 years. Agreed, it can never take a place of another human. But then it does not do anything less either! What with the 512Mbps Broadband connection I have this monster of a machine all set to rock and roll the Web. Its speed and power is already obvious in more ways than one. A widescreen display enables me to do more while working on it. A 3-hour (nearly) battery back up helps me as well.

I gave my old laptop (lot of history with that baby too!)this time back home in India. It now works with my brother and is going through an upgrade as I understand. So to help me move on with my relationships with these tech-toys, I decided to get myself a little treat. And what a treat it has been so far!

At 100GB Hard Disk, 1 GB RAM (upgradeable till 2GB!) and a sweet Intel Centrino Duo I am all set to rock and roll indeed. It was a tad pricy since it was bought in India but then I ain't complaining since it would have cost me more anyway so why not! My friend Sidd has this exact same machine although mine has more CPU power peaking at 1.73GHz. Apart from a wide set of neat applications, this baby comes with a built in CD/DVD writer that allows one to burn CDs and customized DVDs with the chapter-based interface and everything. I used it this time to capture, edit and design my own DVD of a trip to Hampi I had been to.

Very cool.

Given below are two more images of my new live-in friend, as it were. I hope you like her as much as I do. Looking forward to making a few more memories with this one.

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