Thursday, March 29, 2007

What is worse than India's exit from World Cup?

Alright so it is now official that the ‘Men in Blue’ were in fact ‘Men without a clue’. Fine. Time to deal with it and move on!

But what is worse than India prematurely exiting the World Cup? The aftermath. Now by this I don’t mean the fate of Indian cricket or the future of the players and the coach. I could not care less about it for reasons best known to me. But what has started annoying me is the silly representations that are being made of these guys.

I received this email message sent by a friend of what he called ‘Future of the Indian cricket team’. We had a suave looking Saurav Ganguly cutting someone’s hair. We had Sachin Tendulkar selling paani-puri at a roadside mobile center and of course Rahul ‘The Wall’ Dravid literally painting a wall with signs.

First of all what is so funny about this? Comparing them to the common man who is actually doing an excellent job and going about his life with pride? Shading them in a color of honest hard work and proud labor? Please. Is this not a tad ironic since their real life experience of the players is anything but? Or was the creator of these ‘ideas’ so smart that he/she actually wanted to portray this irony? I doubt that very much based on the final product.

I know everyone who had hoped that illusive cup of the world would return home after more than 20 years is hurting. But sharing that pain using the image of a hard working common man will not achieve much either. If anything it will bring us more shame for having disrespected our own kind.

The honest kind.


2 reflections:

VENU VINOD said...

i completely agree with your thoughts. A common man, either a barbor or a teashop person are hard workers, and mocking a cricket star comparing him is not good sign.

shakri said...

@Venu Vinod

Thanks mate. I hope we realize that the 'demi-gods' of our cricketing team are worse than the gems we call the common man.