Monday, April 23, 2007

[Short Short Fiction] - Love at every flight

NOTE: Short Short Fiction - A new style writing that attempts to capture a story in as few words as possible. Usually it is 300 but to push my own narrative style, I have tried to condense it in 100. As my respected reader, I urge you to please respond and critique this work. Thank you.

His lover was a splitting image of his own being. The unmistakable wobble, the distinctive flap, the familiar cry. He had been smitten by that beauty the day he had found home inside the steel castle. They had shared several priceless moments of joy and grief with equal energy.

The only moment of passion they shared was when the metallic walls disappeared. Every day. A short lived interaction that kept him alive.

The little girl approached his castle once again and released him for a few heartbeats. In an instance he soared within the enclosure and crashed into the mirror…again.


1 reflections:

mouna said...


i kind-of guessed it. a mirror, and somebody in front of it, those moments shared together. and the end too.

i'd read a poem on similar lines where this woman sees herself through water and a mirror. expecting herself to be portrayed young forever. but she(?) later starts to despise thye entire thing. i think, this particular poem helped me predict this story!