Saturday, November 17, 2007

[POEM] - On a day like today...

Dear reader,

I am not the one to pen love-sick poems on a regular basis. But then...there are days when some faces from a significant past come back to haunt.

This is a tribute to one such Herculean loss.


On a day like today...

On a day like today, on a morn this blue,
I look out the window and I see you,
Fading past the frosted sidewalks,
In a veil of innocence and a smile anew.

On a day like today, when I think of the past,
Images and sounds come back and last,
For a lifetime in a minute, and then echo back,
Within the gorge of my memory's vast.

On a day like today, your words haunt me,
As I think of the bygone era of glee,
A time I had never imagined I would lose,
In the crowd of life where joy wasn’t free.

On a day like today, your face follows me around,
And asks me questions that have no sound,
I smile to myself and whisper ‘I am alright, my darling’,
To your shimmering silhouette that vanishes into the ground.

On a day like today, I mourn losing you,
As I know my world would have had a more vibrant hue,
Had you been around to paint my soul's existence,
With the colors of your love in red, white, blue.

On a day like today, an old saying rings untrue,
As to how loving and losing is better of the two,
Since I am convinced the source of those words,
Had obviously never known that wonder called – you.


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Anonymous said...


shakri said...


One of the most eloquent things in life, as I have seen, is sorrow. I had to re-vent mine here it was. :)

Thank you for being here,Anon.


Madhura said...

The greatest pain in life is missing dear ones. The moments with them when recollected in their absence is painful like anything. It's best known to those who have experienced it.

The feeling of missing is so intense in the poem, It's indeed a great tribute!

Anonymous said...

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