Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Shubhashaya featured in Kannada Prabha

Dear reader,

A good friend of mine - Venu Vinod - happens to be a reporter for Kannada Prabha. He interviewed me yesterday about my joint venture with Ravi Shankar - shubhashaya.com - and that interview appeared in today's edition of Kannada Prabha/Page 7. Here is the article for your viewing.


3 reflections:

Madhura said...

I feel proud to have such a unique website and gives me great pleasure to send greeting cards in our mother tongue. Glad to know that you both came up with such a wonderful idea and still working and improving it without expecting any profit. Great job! done by you and Mr. Ravi Shankar. Keep up the good work. Besides colourful and lovely Kannada music, the concepts used in the design of the cards are truly appreciable. Hearty Congratulations!!! On the huge success of Shubhashaya.com

Anonymous said...

Looks like your creativity has taken a backseat...why this silence?

shakri said...


Thank you for the much appreciated response. Sorry for the delayed response here. :)


Yeah well life has become less interesting. :) So taking a break for a while. As soon as something worthwhile comes along I shall write it here.