Saturday, August 29, 2009

1st Wedding Monthaversary!

It isn't the most pleasant experience to have to spend the very 1st month of wedding away from the beloved. But then despite the bizarre separation me and Jaya are experiencing (thank you visa officials! You guys have no clue how powerfully 'God like' you guys can be! Heck, maybe you do!) I knew there was no need to be blue about it. Hence, in the sunshine of that new hope and renewed faith that we two will be together soon, here is my gift to her this time around. And with it is the prayer, that next month I will be able to spend it with her without the needless distraction of the Internet.

2 reflections:

Anonymous said...

Happy monthversary to you too buddy! I hope god listens to our prayer and hopefully by next week we both can be together :). Your love is what helping me to face this bizzare separation.


ShaK said...


Wishing you a wonderful monthaversary too, love. :) Yes. I too hope things get sorted out quickly. Looking fwd to seeing you here very soon!

Love always,