Thursday, September 24, 2009

Collecting of diamonds begins!

In the midst of a childhood marred with the notoriously popular prospect of an unclear identity, I was no stranger to being the odd man out. It was in those trying times of absolute boredom that I found a friend in Amar Chitra Katha(ACK),among a dozen others, mind you. There was something in the language and presentation that ACK had that just seemed like magic. It was as if they could make the most boring story in history the most exciting one with their use of images and dialogs! The language, the texture, the narration, the color scheme – everything became a part of my being. A part of what would eventually trigger the writing bug in me and push me into the wonderful universe of reading. In that critical juncture of my adolescence, ACK’s presence played a Herculean role. While the parents in India are quite known for their ‘stop reading comics and pick up Advanced Calculus!’ taunts, I must thank my parents for giving up on me as I lay in bed during several lazy afternoons surrounded with piles of half open Tinkle, Diamond and ACK comics. I am convinced they were sure I would end up being a home body who would be at their economic mercy for good! I do not exaggerate. I was a serious ACK addict back then.

But then who has ever been in a middle class household in India and escaped the cruel hands of reality? As I somehow managed to forget all about these wonderful gems from my past and move on, the need to bring them back into my life only grew stronger. It was as if every line, every shade, every tree that had ever been drawn on those pages had managed to shape me into the person I am today. Hence – it had to return!

And it did! I am now the proud owner of ACK’s first ever animated DVD collection of their original comics! What is so amazing about it is that videos have not altered the look and feel of the books in any way! The artists behind ACK’s productions have my serious respects as these are the men and women who have changed so many lives without even knowing it! And for that, I thank them wholeheartedly.

Given below is a snap of my first ounces in what will definitely be a prized collection from this point forward. I intend to buy every DVD ACK releases in the future! Here is wishing ACK all the best for the future and hoping that they will continue adding to my rare diamond collection that has now begun!


Also find here some amazing previews of these DVDs. Go ahead! If you are a fan too then order them TODAY!


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Anonymous said...

i luv amar chitra kathha!! ^_^ thanks.