Thursday, April 08, 2010

A piece on peace

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Found this rather disturbing piece while browsing through today’s daily. It reminded me of an old O’ Henry tale where the protagonist, keeping Henry’s religious adherence to irony alive, smashes a store window to be put behind bars. Reason? To avoid the bitter cold of the winter skies that threatens to whisk out the life of him. What made this story of Ibrahim Razak Mulla more comically poignant was just how grim and bizarre are the ways in which justice works (if at all!) in India. Makes one wonder what this man has had to go through (a guess not too hard by the look of the still fresh seeming scabs on his body) to now have driven himself to a point of no return. Was probably just the reason why this story was on Page 6 and the meaningless Sania-Malik
tamasha was on the front page. Tragic.

One can only hope that Ibrahim has finally found some peace. In an almost Shakespearean tragedy sort of way,of course, but still – peace.