Saturday, May 01, 2010

An ode to May!

Here is a piece I wrote to honor the 1st of May. Or, as I'd like to see it, the first of what will hopefully be an awesome season! May you enjoy this, dear reader!

An ode to May!

May they come, one by one,
In red and blue and a hue anew,
May it smile in glowing style,
With cheerful wings of hope,
Sweetly humming all the while,
May all news come forth with glee,
May each day be cool!
May that dream you’d seen go free,
Come back dressed like a fool!
May your work be glorified,
With praises so sincere,
May your sweat be justified,
By all folks far and near.
May your home be paradise,
May your hopes be good,
May the truth just rise and rise,
As rightly it just should!
Hip-Ho-Hip-Ho, here we go!
Here’s the very first day,
May this month rock, ho-ho-ho!
Have a rockin’ awesome MAY!

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