Thursday, January 27, 2011

Poem - Children's Day

Don’t hate me for who I am.
Don’t hit me or shove me around.
Don’t make me beg for alms today.
Don’t wrestle my blossoming dreams to ground.
Don’t stick me to walls with the MISSING sign.
Don’t nip me in the bud for your petty gains.
Don’t rape me. Don’t kill me.
Don’t trick me into living with so many pains.
Don’t treat me like dirt and without respect.
Don’t cheat me and abuse my innocence.
Don’t light my unexplored land on fire.
Don’t teach me to see things with a shallow offense.
Don’t stop me from being a hero tomorrow.
Don’t crop out my talents for a vain win.
Don’t preach to me the song of faith.
Don’t leech from me since that is a sin.
Don’t hide me from the truth that you fear.
Don’t ride me as a vehicle of glee.
Don’t chide me for your mistakes and faults.
Don’t side me away into dark debris.

We are your hope. We are your future.
We are the ones who will change your fate.
We are everything but without your help,
We, the children, have no day to celebrate.

2 reflections:

Anonymous said...

Very good endeavor. Routinely keep writing!

Sandhya said...

Nice one, SK. Keep these coming.