Saturday, April 23, 2011

How big are we?

During a search for some tunes meant for soothing the stressed mind, I came across this piece developed by the American Museum for Natural History. It is essentially a view of where the Earth is in the grand GRAND scheme of things in this endless universe of ours. The tabloids are filled with scams from around the world with columns running deep and red with facts and accusations. Then there are the demi-Gods who have, for centuries, been convinced that they are indeed the center of the universe and have absolute command over everything and everyone. We have obnoxious celebrities and politicians with their gigantic egos and larger than life 'aura' walking around with their eyes in the clouds. I look at places like Twitter where a hungry need for instant and constant validation goes on each minute as people desperately try to get new followers each day or on Facebook and YouTube where they add absolute strangers as friends thus ensuring their consistent ego massage happens unperturbed. So much is happening on this little blue and green marble of ours and yet we seldom realize just how overwhelmingly dwarfed we are in this infinite universe that surrounds us. For having helped me a bit with that perspective, I truly enjoyed watching this presentation. Of course, the fact that this video is juxtaposed with a wonderful rendition of Mangala Charan shloka only makes this piece even more likable.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Video..Have been a frequent visitor to your blog and enjoy reading your posts..Keep up the good work..BTW your open letter to Yograj Bhat was funny and spot on..