Monday, September 17, 2012

Naked & Clothed - A poem

Naked & Clothed

On the naked wooden table lay pages clothed in words,
On the naked skin of each letter stood a clothed meaning.
On the clothed wrinkled bed sat a naked emotion,
On his wrinkle clothed face sat a naked tear shivering.

The naked breeze outside came clothed with the scent of a tree,
The naked flower by the window stood clothed in that glee,
It clothed the room with fragrance and its naked glory,
It clothed his walls with remembrance, with naked memory.

The naked pages fluttered slowly now clothed with his sighs,
Its naked essence dripped onto well clothed denials,
Clothed in a momentary respite the naked breeze brought along,
He clothed his sorrow further with a newfound naked song.

Yet the naked truth pierced into his well clothed heart within,
Sending many naked shocks into his regret clothed skin,
With the clothed words of venom his naked love had sent him,
His past now stood clothed with naked facts sans whim.

The naked wooden table now stood clothed with perspective,
As the naked words clothed him slowly, made him introspective,
Clothed now warmly with the naked sunlight of reality,
Clothed windows went asunder, his naked heart could finally see.

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