Thursday, January 19, 2006

A rendezvous with a raindrop

Lord Krishna, one of the most beloved and celebrated representations of the Almighty in the Hindu mythology, was born a human. He underwent the same cycle of life we all do - infancy, adolescence, adulthood, middle age, old age and finally death - to spread the message of love and to bring end to evil. He too fell sick perhaps. He too got hurt perhaps. He too bled. He too had his heart in so many places - with the mother who brought Him up, with the mother who gave birth to Him, with the eternally hopeful Radha, with the blissfully unaware Bhama, in his poor friend Sudhaama's alms and his cousin Balarama's prowess. If His heart was with the Pandavas for the injustice they were fighting, His heart was probably more with the Kauravas to support them in shedding their dark side. With the bow of an ignorant hunter came the end of Lord Krishna, who died silently somewhere in a forest due to a common man's mistake.

For as long as time has been witness, the experiences we undergo in this cycle is not different from that of Lord Krishna. His love is our love. His pain is exactly the way ours is. The emotional roller coaster He rode is the one we ride every day. As the rain droplets stick so passionately to my window this dark evening, I cannot help but use them as a metaphor for my emotions. The way the droplets of my good and bad days cling for their dear lives to my heart. One of the issues humans have had to deal with is trying to ignore these droplets. When a heart breaks somewhere, it automatically translates into a bitter experience. But why should it be so? What happens then is they allow this momentary sadness to loom large on their months...maybe years of happiness. Moments that once defined who they were now no longer exist. They become droplets that you barely see on the window when your real focus is the bitter rain outside. Would breaking of true love become less painful if we took care of the droplets? Would it make the existence of the painful rain become obselete? Maybe....maybe not. But the real question is have we even tried?

Lord Krishna broke so many hearts and had His heart broken so many times. He lived and died a human being when it came to matters of the heart. But the one lesson He tried to impart in the Bhagavata Geeta was that life is well spent if the droplets clinging to the window of our heart are taken care of. The rain outside is what is obvious. The rain outside is what you feel. The rain outside is what is chaos. But it is the droplets of these small memories we have created along the way that make way for the sunshine of tomorrow.

Lord Krishna kept track of all those droplets in His lifetime on this earth. The only hope we have is that we can come remotely close to doing the same. Only then...will there be the true victory over the evil that pours outside our windows.


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Deepa said...

kannada dalli blog nodi tumba khushiyaythu, adu Venezuela dinda!. i did not know blogger supported Kannada fonts.
Lord Krishna is my most fave God and the post was good.
thanks for your comment on my blog. Keep coming back.

shakri said...

Thanks for the comment Deepa. Houdu..Kannada fonts iddare you can type it up in Blogger. But also host machine that reads the blog should also have kannada fonts. Illa andare one cannot read them.