Saturday, June 10, 2006

Traps in a system - Deccan Herald article

Writing only makes sense if there is someone to read it, has always been my belief. That belief bore fruit a couple of days ago when my first official article was published by Deccan Herald newspaper for their Bangalore/Karnataka Edition. I had sent them an article on the increasing student deaths in India and given on the left is the newspaper clipping of the same. Please click on it to view the entire article in a larger version. This is an edited version of the original titled Educational Euthanasia published on this blog a few days ago.

For those who do subscribe to Deccan Herald then please refer to the copy of June 8, 2006 and flip to Page 13. Under the 'Panorama' section my article is published as 'Traps in the system'.

If you would like to read and/or comment on this piece online then please click here.

This is a great moment for me and I hope there are many more like this. Amen.


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