Sunday, October 01, 2006

Democracy ke Side/Effects

Knowledge is the key to all happiness. This is the truth we have been conditioned to understand. Be it the crawling stages of infancy or the crawling careers of adult life – knowledge is what matters. And to a large extent this is true as well. All success in the world in any field is thanks to knowledge. The more we know the more we can achieve.

To a simpleton like me this makes perfect sense. Life is not that simple though. Knowledge is like fire. An excellent servant but a cruel master. There are some areas where the more you know, the less you are aware.

I was recently watching a movie which deals with the most common and debatable urban theme in India – Marriage. There was nothing new in the movie that I had not seen before. Fear of commitment, fear of relationships, fear of responsibility, and fear of babies. Fear of pretty much everything. A phobia that covers all that is supposed to be good and natural. As I watched the feature I realized one of the reasons why we are equally confused about getting married is because of the applications we have seen of it. They have seen it work, suffer, blow up, die, cry, laugh and of course, split up like the atom into various portions. With the increasing influence of democratic voices in India this process is anything but getting easier. To add to this already chaotic curry pot we have movies pushing the envelope of our patience with this subject.

For people like me who are on the verge of marital calling it helps with the exposure to various viewpoints. But it does not help with making our personal decision. On the one hand we have our family to please. On the other we have ourselves to please. Making that jump from an independent individual to a married one is always tricky, as it seems. There are surprises all the time but one is supposed to get used to it. New people become part of your 'I know them' circle and associations of the neutral kind are established. Marriage as it appears is getting ready to adapt to a whole new society of people out of whom only one is your 'soul mate'.

This is an infinite cycle of thoughts and decisions. I am sure there will never really be a perfect solution for marriage since uncertainty is probably what keeps it alive. But that still leaves me confused as to who I should rely on. My gut feeling or that of my family's? A movie or those of people already down this road?

As it turns out democracy can also be a pain sometimes.


2 reflections:

mouna said...

aha... marriage blues!!!

uncertainities have always existed with marriage.... but it is highly dramtized in movies...

shakri said...

Maybe so. But still the fact of the matter is the mystery has only grown with the 'attempts' at making it look simple. And that is the point I wanted to make people reflect upon.

Thanks for opining mouna.