Friday, September 29, 2006

Go 'Glocal'

During one of our weekly conversations, my father used the word 'Glocal'. The words 'global' and 'local' no longer had any context, he said. 'All that matters now is how Glocal one really is' he continued. I laughed at his wit and word play initially but as I pondered about it I realized how true his statement was.

The planet indeed has lost the context of being a global place. No matter where you live you can always stay in touch with almost anything and anyone in this world. The words 'impossible', 'distance' and 'far away' seem meaningless when it comes to communication in this day and age. Gone are the days when Indians would sit amazed at Dev Anand's NRI exploits around Europe preaching the classic art of love. Gone are the afternoons of gazing at 'white folk' somewhere on a beach in Goa. No more making those long drawn out 'Hello! Hello! Yes…I can hear you! Go on! What?' back to humble Bengaluru from somewhere in the snowed-in New Jersey. Not to mention the very familiar delay that would end up making the ordinarily 15-minute call twice as long.

One of my fears with life abroad was exactly this. The concept of the Internet did exist back then but there was also the added anxiety of the parents being able to use it. How on earth would they get the hang of an Email and check emergency messages? Those fears came to an ease as the Web became as common as a toothbrush. Then came the next big thing – the cell phone. Automatically the Internet was now crammed into our palms. No more trying to get into a cyber cafe and dishing out money to try and get a glimpse of the world. All one had to do was get their thumbs in motion and lo! The world would present itself in its infinite forms.

The advent of the non-stop Internet concept called Broadband seemed unreal when I first heard of it. Just the thought of being able to have 24/7 Internet access from my kitchen while being able to use the phone at the same time! This sounded like something from a fake Star Trek set. But today it has integrated itself into our daily lives so much that we spend more time on the Internet than with the people around us.

Communication sure has come a long way. The advantage of this for people like me, however, is being able to stay connected to their roots without breaking a sweat. Family is just a click away and home is just a smile away.

So how 'Glocal' are you?


4 reflections:

Anonymous said...

Your write-ups never fail to amaze! me.

shakri said...

Thank you Anonymous for responding. I am glad I have the ability to amaze with my words. Pray that I never lose it.

Keep coming back.

Ashared said...

Very much so, the world has has become 'glocal' in its true sense.

On an old photograph, a friend of mine, wrote "Together, forvever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart."

Today thanks to technology(which covers EVERYTHING), that MAYBE has erased itself from the sentence.

shakri said...

Very true. Thank you for responding ashared.