Friday, November 24, 2006

existing in pieces - my first paperback book

YES! It has finally happened. After several weeks of editing and inhumane proofreading I have finally made my paperback book - existing in pieces - available for people to buy online. Please click on the image above (or on this link ) to visit the place where you can buy it from. I hope my readers are able to share my world of words with this first attempt of mine.

Also check out the all NEW website launched exclusively for this book -

Thank you very much.


13 reflections:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome!!
Eagerly awaited>>> your book :-)

remem?? my free copy [:D] hehhe
take care!!
Best of luck! :-)

shakri said...

Thank you. I hope it makes a good read to those who get their hands on it. :)

Ravi said...

Wow !. Iam very happy for you Shashi and eagerly look forward for the release. I am sure it should be as interesting as your blogs,articles, cartoons and designs.

Wish you Good Luck.

shakri said...

Thanks Ravi. I hope it is seen that as well. :)

More updates coming soon!

Deepa said...

all the best!

shakri said...

Thanks Deepa. Your wishes are much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...
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vani said...

The title is interesting. Of course, it had to be as it is given by you. Wish you all the best.

shakri said...

Thank you Vani. Your wishes are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shashi Krishna,
This is a great piece of news for readers like us. I wish you all success.Very much looking forward to purchase the book.


Mahesh said...

Very good cover page SHAshi KRIshna. THe title and the white pieces are a beautiful combination of words and pictures. In Journalism we call it as Visual composition. Existing in pieces- for that my wishes are here, All the best.

shakri said...

Thank you very much Kasturi and Mahesh. Will be informing everyone of its official release soon. Please watch this space!

Anonymous said...

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