Sunday, December 03, 2006

A moment in time

The translucent curtain of darkness and light played between them. No other power, man made or supernatural, could take away the moment they were sharing.

She looked into his hopeful eyes and smiled. A smile so mesmerizing that he knew he would never forget it even if he wanted to. It had registered deep in the mysterious chambers of his aching heart and there was no way he could make a conscious attempt to reach those spots.

‘Do you love me?’ he asked her as her hair cascaded down like a fountain of infinite happiness.

‘No,’ she said mischievously giggling and trying to get away from him.

‘Will you be mine forever?’ he seemed to ask her as he watched her million-dollar smile.

‘Never,’ she responded looking like an immaculate version of the soul mate he had always desired.

They were one, for a brief moment, across the translucency that enveloped them like a silent snowfall.

Their eyes continued to appreciate each other’s company when he heard a whisper. Something so intrusive that he felt like pulling out a dagger and pushing it through the throat of its source.

His moment with her was in disarray. The split second notion of having been hers was gone.

Possibly forever.

He turned to the whispering and clearly anxious voice.

‘What is it?’ he impatiently asked wondering what mighty force might have motivated the ridiculously ill timed intermission.

‘It is interval now…lets go before everyone else does…’ the voice continued.

The lights came on and the darkness vanished like it had never been there. He and his friend walked out to get some popcorn and a cola.

They wanted to come back and watch the previews.


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vani said...

This story was very interesting. I liked the ending of it. We always used to say that the serial stop on one day at the time when we wanted to see more, but had to wait for the next day!!