Tuesday, December 04, 2007


By ShaKri

THE REASON I WAS ITCHING to pen this is two fold. One, I wanted to get this rattling theory that has been bothering me the last few days out in the open, and two, I wanted some feedback from other people who might know more about the same.

Ever since I can remember, the one thing that seemed 'the most important' thing for a successful arranged marriage has been horoscope match. Let me confess, I know little about horoscope design and almost nothing about how they are matched. But apparently, from what I have seen all these years, this formula works. True there are always those exceptions – from what I hear increasing at an alarming rate now – where despite everything being A-OK things fall apart and pretty unfortunate events unfold. Again, the same is true with love marriages where horoscope match is never really the main area of attention yet stars fail to save the cupid-struck couple. But as far as arranged affairs are concerned, it is almost a given that an astro-match is the way to go.

Fine. I seriously have no qualms with this. In fact nothing pleases me more than someone else doing the hard work of finding me a suitable partner. Believe me. In a world where finding true love is as hard as finding an auto-rickshaw in Bangalore, this sort of an arrangement is an absolute delight.

But here is my theory though. For people like me, who are completely oblivious of the ways of the stars, a horoscope match inevitably means – we are going to be a good couple. In other words, we will be compatible in almost every important area. Something quite necessary in any kind of marriage. But I wonder if we in India are conditioned about horoscopes to such an extent, that once we are told 'they match', we do everything we can to make the relationship work? Is that really what it all bubbles down to? Come what may we subconsciously are always telling ourselves that the person we are spending our life with is definitely 'the one' since this has been confirmed by the horoscope! So does this not mean that whatever life throws our way we will compromise, plead, request, whine and prevail? Is that why arranged marriages are so break-proof? Due to this astro-astra shot at the couple?

I honestly do not know the answer. Makes me wonder though, that whatever kind of marriage one starts with, they all end up the same. A multi-colored rainbow of emotions and moments - good, bad and ugly. If that is the case then where does the horoscope match really come into play? How does a 'horoscope match'-enabled marriage seem better than one where it was never used?

Let me ponder on that while one more astro-astra heads my way.


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Madhura said...

Astrology is a practical science. As far as I know, horoscope matching is a technical way of predicting relationship based on the influence of planets and stars. An in-depth knowledge of logical reasoning and analysis is required in order to match two horoscopes that would have less obstacles and problems in their lives ahead provided both the horoscopes are genuine and designed 100% perfect according to their birth time details. There is nothing like a perfect match. The doshas are matched in such a way that it balances or cancels off with the other. It’s a mere confirmation that all the compatibility factors are matched.
Going on a date before marriage is not allowed in our culture. So horoscope matching is the one major step being followed since many years hoping that the relationship is going to work. Nowadays it is also used conveniently to reject a proposal saying that the horoscopes did not match.

According to me, one should not blindly believe or completely depend on the horoscope match. Be a horoscope matched arranged marriage or a love marriage, for a successful marriage, the relationship has to be worked out. To those doshas to balance or cancel off, Lots of Love, Care, Understanding, Patience, Respect and most important factor TIME should be given to each other for any relationship to sustain. Without these no amount of work on the outside will ever help.