Monday, March 17, 2008

A Familiar Emotion / a 30th Birthday Special

Turning 30 is always an interesting experience, I have been told. And as I finally end my 20s series on 18th of March, 2008 ... a few words that seem to do justice to how I feel right now.

Thank you for being here, reader.


A Familiar Emotion

And then he stood, watching the sheets cascade,
White crystals from Heaven’s many gates,
Dripping in silent dances of glittering fade,
And vanishing in a mirage of illusive mates.
He stands forever, and he wonders so,
Just how long he has been standing somehow,
Not wanting to know, nor caring to show,
What is turning him into a new number now?
A decade of silences, years filled with echoes,
Of love and hate, and of grieving souls,
Moments stuck to his heart’s rain-soaked windows,
Are now letting him go…to change his roles.
He feels his pulse, realizing he is still the same,
Who laughs harder each time life becomes inane,
Who is fond of the cliché, yet wants to mature,
With a bag full of stories of faith and disdain.
A new decade is his, his to make and design,
Filled with promises and hopes that simmer in the mist,
A new season of things he can bravely call ‘mine’,
And a fresh start to crave for things he cannot resist.
He shuffles in his pockets and empties them quick,
Not wanting to reminiscence the nightmares bygone,
Walking swiftly to shelter, he finally finds it,
A note written to himself once, that reads ‘Move on…’


2 reflections:

Madhura said...

Well written Shashi,

Life begins at thirty.
Days gone by will never return,
but the door to a new era will open.
Light could be seen in so many colours,
Wonderful life awaits to unfold.

Enjoy every moment of it and Just remember that,

"Life is full of endings, but every ending is a new beginning".

Many Many Happy returns of the day. I wish all your dreams come true. God bless you :)


shakri said...


Thank you so much for the thoughtful words here, Madhura. They truly add a refreshing and fun filled perspective to getting older. :)

Your wishes and words will remain with me.