Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And then one day...

IT WASN’T ALWAYS LIKE this you know. Things were much more predictable and somehow there was a cocoon of self-contained comfort that he had always found himself in. It was old, but familiar. It was boring, but pleasant. It was cliché, but controllable.

As the waves of fatigue of another day had passed him by, he found himself waking up to an unknown seeming drone. He couldn’t quite place it but having become acquainted with almost every possible clink in his apartment, this was definitely something he had never heard before. He spent some time looking around in the usually suspected corners – the bathroom shower, the taps, and the toilet flush, the kitchen sink and of course, the always popular washing machine. No. There was nothing there. In fact there was so much silence that he was almost convinced he was losing his mind.

And so he showered, gulped down his toast with peanut butter, dressed himself up for another day on the battleground and stepped out into the early dew of an upcoming winter. He must have taken just two more steps into the cold when it hit him again. That hum – that unmistakably different buzz that he could swear was something he had never heard before. He looked up at the loosely grayed out sky and felt the atomic drops of moisture spray his face. For a man who had never really appreciated the rain, he found himself smiling. He found himself wanting to take a deep breathe and to pray for a good solid rain.

It was beyond his human comprehension as to what these random thoughts were that were occurring to him with such frequency. For some reason his stride was more confident and himself more prepared. But for what, he wondered. He caught a glimpse of himself in a reflection of a shop’s window for a fleeting second and was quite amazed by what he saw. Yes. There was something definitely out of place.

He carried on to his usual destinations and awaited his train with the usual patience. As the time indicator said 1 more minute left, he turned out to see a newsstand. His gaze shifted from the coffeemaker to the newspapers dangling at the bottom shelf outside. It caught his attention. As the train appeared like an obnoxious copperhead from within the belly of the dark interiors, he found himself wandering away from his routine to do something different.

He walked closer to the tabloid spill and looked intently at the headlines for a few seconds. The smile that had appeared on his face earlier that day…returned. It returned to say it was OK to be happy. It returned to mention he was now part of history. Only this time he was no longer wishing rain for himself, but for everyone on Earth. What he saw there were the first thundershowers of an emerging hurricane and all he could do was pray – pray that the fresh waters would wash away all the congestion that plague the world today. A wonderful beginning, he thought, and awaited the next train.

Wishing Mr. Barack Obama hearty congratulations on becoming the 44th President of the United States of America. You've earned it Sir and I wish you health, success and the vision of a leader who can finally begin the healing this poor planet so badly needs. I give you my seven letter word - SUPPORT - if you can help remove this four letter word from our lives - HATE.



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