Monday, November 03, 2008

Nandini's Confession

‘Dear Diary,

It is happening again. It is three in the morning and I am still up. It’s not the time that has started to bother me but the reason I am awake for at this God forsaken hour. I know….I know, it is pretty common for people to be up all night these days. What with 24 hour jobs that don’t depend on time zones anymore…but still. For a guy like me who does two jobs during sunshine, it is just hard to squeeze in a three hour sleep until midnight and then slog for another few hours chatting with absolute strangers. God…I honestly hate it. One thing I have come to realize though is men can be such pigs! A reasonable well educated and decent seeming fellow turns into a hormonal beast that is just waiting to grab the first chance to expose his perversion. I wonder if this only happens in our country. Oh well whats the difference…I might never find out. My dream of leaving this awful place and getting a plush and cozy place for myself overseas is still that – a dream. I mean, how can I possibly go on spending this meaningless existence to cater to nameless faces who are NEVER satisfied! Hopeless morons. No – I need an identity. Something that distinguishes me as unique! Is that too much to ask for a twenty year old! God…should have continued college when I had the chance. At least I wouldn’t have to put up with what I have to now! I mean…do I really care if this guy isn’t getting married! Why doesn’t he just find the nerve to get a girl friend instead! I wonder if that’s it though. That if Indian men are always craving to get married just to get laid! Oh man…that would be just sad. No – I’d never do that. But well…here I am dealing with these fellows who are desperate to chat with someone like me instead of getting a girl for myself. So I guess I am no different at all! Damn...that made it worse. And where the heck are all the girls! All I ever find here are men whining and wailing about how their searches are in vain and asking for ways to improve. Maybe I should scream at them and tell them to get the heck off the Net for that! LOL...oh well. Cant do that either if I want this job.

Hopeless …hopeless indeed.

Oh well…time to stop ranting. I see the usual bar flashing and I know what that means….yeah yeah…I am coming, dude. It should be fun getting all technical if this fellow acts funny. Always great to get all serious and make them apologize! God…these guys are sad. Wait…is it a guy…oh yes…it is.

It … always…is.

Until tomorrow then! See you later! G’Nite old friend!’

And so he proceeded to close his document and responded to the flashing bar. The moment it opened he typed.

‘Welcome to matrimonials4u! I am Nandini here. How may I help you today?’


PS: For the uninitiated, this piece is centered around the fact that Nandini is a girl's name in India.

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