Wednesday, March 18, 2009

31 - 3 decades to find the 1

Dear reader,

Yes - it is here - March 18, 2009. My 31st birthday. As I reflect upon the journey my life has taken thus far, I am left quite speechless at the hundreds of surprises I have seen along the way. Some beautifully enchanting while others painfully sore. But as I start this new chapter in my life, I cannot help but beam with enthusiasm as the months ahead promise a lot of happiness, joy and peace. So here is a special tribute to that thought of satisfaction. And here is to note - that it took me 3 decades to finally find the 1 birthday where it all comes together. :)

The song clip you hear in this poem is a piece I have recently come to like immensely. Hence I thought of adding it as part of this minor celebration. Of course, I can never forget you, my audience, who visit and/or respond to my posts ever so often. Looking forward to another wonderful year of such blissful companionship. Thank you, reader. And enjoy!



2 reflections:

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPY BIRTHDAYYY SK!!!! wishing yoU the best always!! Good poem! :-)


ShaK said...


Thanks again friend. :) I wish I knew who u were but I guess you prefer to stay Anon. not a problem. Thanks for visiting again and for the warm wishes.