Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sacred Chants - Tunes for the restless soul

Dear reader,
I don't usually document anything religiously inclined since, well, I am not too religious myself. However, when it comes to music I believe it is the one thing that, regardless of language and faith, can be equally experienced as a soul stirring engagement. That said, I came across a beautifully composed album called 'Sacred Chants Vol.2' whose songs I now present using the streams below. Also : Please follow the links at the end of this blog post to download these songs for your personal hearing pleasure. Enjoy! ..ShaKri..

Invocation (Sri Rudram Lagunyasam)

Gurupaduka Stotram


Mahalakshmi Ashtakam





Annapoorna Stotram

Download the songs using the links below:

4 reflections:

Anonymous said...

Sashi - these are too good Man. Where can i download ?

ShaK said...

@Anonymous : I have added the downloadable links in the blog post now. :) Hope you are able to download them all enjoy them! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry...forgot to nt able to download :( my office has blocked it...i'll try frm a datacard frm home..lets see

Theda said...