Friday, April 24, 2009

'A Raw Score' - another milestone

I self published my first book - what seems like an embaressingly amateur attempt at writing a book now - 'Existing in pieces' in December 2006. After that life kind of caught on but the itch to write something a little more cohesive and hopefully more interesting was still there. So, after much procrastination I now have my second release - 'A Raw Score'. Just for the record, the title was suggested by my fiancee Jaya. So a big thank you to her!

'A Raw Score' is a book that has come a long way since its inception. In fact it was 'Untitled' for almost a year before Jaya suggested the title a couple of months ago. The theme I always wanted to write about was the subtle nature in which the common man in India goes about the daily humdrum of an ordinary life. Despite the stereotypical assumptions about a setting like this I was convinced that there still existed possibilities to find some exciting and interesting episodes. Spots of incidents that would bring to light the celebrated heroes, the unknown perverts, the hopeless romantics, the hopeful patriots, the helplessly superstitious and of course, the unsung martyrs.

To bring this search of mine to reality, I decided to focus on some of the major issues that one might find in India - corruption, religion, politics, poverty, illiteracy, sexual abuse, communal disharmony, the 'urban' middle class and its many related issues among other things. These seemed like fragments that could possibly be stitched together to make one cohesive pattern that might give the reader a better insight into the lives of working class Indians who ordinarily are thought of as ... well just that, ordinary. Hence, 'A Raw Score' is another ambitious attempt to capture some of those bizarre, whacky and unusual instances of working class Indians in their many complex emotional roller coaster rides.

The artwork for the book was done by a dear friend and ex-colleague Helen Gil. Given below is a snapshot of the cover and also the link where a few preview pages of the book are available for your viewing.

Thank you.


Click here to view a preview/buy 'A Raw Score'


4 reflections:

Anonymous said...

congrats shashi!


ShaK said...

@Smitha : Thank you! :)

Madhura said...

Congratulations! on publishing the second book :) Nice and an appropriate title with interesting topics. Sounds great!

'Existing in pieces' was an enjoyable read and I am sure this will be just as good and
much more better. Anxious to get a copy and looking forward to reading the book. :)


ShaK said...


Thank you for the much appreciated words of support Madhura. I hope you like the 2nd one much better than my first attempt. :) I look forward to your feedback on this attempt.