Saturday, June 13, 2009

Like son, like father?

Here is something new! I still remember the day when dad had called me up at midnight and told me I had been featured in the Deccan Herald for O boy! I was so happy that day just to note the joy and pride that was spilling out of dad's voice. Today, I get to share something similar.

Not much of a writer per say, my dad, still always has a way with words. As a matter of fact he is so prolific (thanks to the 35 years in central government and the countless episodes ranging from the tastefully hilarious to the deeply disturbing) that I have always contemplated writing a book on him. I even discussed it with him and who knows, God willing, it will come true some day. Nevertheless, he managed to follow his son's steps (Honor is mine! Indeed!) and got published in the daily! Here is a clipping from the Deccan Herald dated July 11, 2009,Pg 10 where his response to the recent spate of attacks on young Indians in Australia was published. A proud moment for me when my father's word is in print! Way to go dad! :-)

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