Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Slice of Life :: Changing Lanes

Through the breezy high noon din, the kind he was now well acquainted with, came the melancholic feeling of hope. Carrying the various hues, the aroma and other vignettes of assorted memories, he got into the metallic snake that had hissed itself to an indolent stop. The capsule he had chosen was inhabited by just one other passenger, he noted. A young petite blonde in a red sweater with downcast eyes; the kind you’d have a hard time distinguishing if there was a book on her person, or a cellular device or, worse – maybe she was asleep! Eyes and their tricks, he thought to himself as he settled down facing her, several rows away, with giant cushion seats enveloping everything else except her face.

Soon the snake yawned out of its momentary respite and caught pace, pushing itself past the complacent traffic that followed its rails. It flew past metal poles, cheap graffiti by ambitious vandals and several meadows of lush greens mixed with majestic browns. In his mind’s eye, he could still see the girl. Sitting with her eyelids covering the mysticism that probably were resident behind their alluring shades.

And then just like that - his mind began to go astray. Like a lovesick Koel calling out to its non-existent mate. Koo! Koo! In the flickering shadows of light and lighter, he could see her immaculate beauty now. That slender neck, positioned aesthetically over her tender shoulders. That slightly pointed nose that held a subtle yet distinctive ear-ring on one of its sides. Those locks! O the magical spells they bound him by. The way they entwined against one another, forming gorgeously silky coils that seemed to catch the bouncing rays of the sun and ooze them slowly all across the isolated bogie’s emptiness. A haven, he reflected, that was capturing both their souls within its emotionless cocoon-like umbrella. O, a time that is truly to be treasured, he observed allowing himself to desire her.

He noted he was in the ‘Quiet Zone’ yet his heart was making a dozen noises. Melodies of sorts that could only be heard by the instrument of his silent eyes. Tunes, he hoped, he could give that feminine divinity who sat a few rows away from him, taunting him into restlessness with nothing more than just her anonymity. Rhythms came to his lips that were being manufactured with each passing second from the lyrical radiations of her glowing face. ‘O lovely creature’, he said to himself with his pathetically laced adherence to the reality of needs. ‘What shall I name thee?’ he continued imagining her splendor in his arms. Holding him. Loving him back.

The metallic gear driven adder, now shifting lanes with its thud and crackle, approached its next provisional halt. A feminine robotic voice crooned the name of the stop over the audio equipment that pierced its way even into the ‘Quiet Zone’. And on hearing this – she finally opened her eyes.

For a moment the ambiance was filled with the euphoria of her grace. That sluggish unhurriedness with which she picked up her handbag. That languid enchantment with which she got up to leave and that…

He looked away suddenly. Looked at his watch nervously. 02:49PM. Looked away once more and resisted all temptations to subdue the unforeseen flair of his carnal desires this chance encounter had brought upon him. From the corner of his eye, he saw that flawless allure of his fleeting ambition disembark with an extremely loaded stomach that would get a physician’s touch anytime soon.

And just like that – it was all over. Until, of course, another one walked in and sat right across him. This time, though, he continued looking away.


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