Thursday, December 21, 2006

- existing in pieces - NOW AVAILABLE!!!

YES! It has finally happened. After several weeks of editing and inhumane proofreading I have finally made my paperback book - existing in pieces - available for people to buy online. Please click on the image above (or on this link ) to visit the place where you can buy it from. I hope my readers are able to share my world of words with this first attempt of mine.

Also check out the all NEW website launched exclusively for this book -

Thank you very much.


3 reflections:

Anonymous said...

congratulations. wish you all the success for your tome..........

take care

keep blogging

shakri said...

Thank you for the kind words of appreciation. :)

Take care.

rajdeep said...


Congratulation first on being a published book writer.

In this regard I would like to know how you published ur writing...which publishers, agents u approacxhed etc.

I myself have finished a novel and am looking forward to publish it. But fitrts I wawnt to get the copyright done. Can you tell me where this can be done. I knwo of the copyright office in Delhi, but it takes a looong time.

Any pointers in this regard would be appreciated