Sunday, December 03, 2006

Religious Inspiration

The gloss on the posters was still intact. They seemed to be fresh ones. They were the kind one could see during major Hindu festivals in the city. The kind that was so bright and vibrant that one’s attention would be caught immediately.

The range it covered was quite a wide one. Everyone from Lord Vishnu to Lord Ganesha was on display. If one were on a tour of Hinduism then this seemed like the spot to be.

‘Impressive,’ said one passer by as he watched the display.

‘Indeed,’ said another pausing to kick up a conversation.

The chill of the early morning was still in the air as these men wore caps that covered their ears and carried a rolled up newspaper under their arms.

‘This had to happen one day you know,’ continued the first passer by pensively.

‘He had no choice…’ said the other one equally thoughtful.

They stood there admiring the colorful display of glossy posters that adorned that cream colored wall.

‘Looks like a temple now!’ said the first passerby with a chuckle.

‘Can he do that? I mean is it legal?’ the other passerby enquired.

‘Oh! Of course. Not a first time in the neighborhood. I have seen this done before.’


‘Well,’ said the first passerby conclusively ‘whatever helps Mr. Rao keep his wall from being urinated on. The smell was unbearable.’


They resumed their walk with the newspapers under their arms.


5 reflections:

Akshita said...

I loved this! A gorgeous and very believable slice of life. Am humbled that any of my works may have inspired this.

::GoMaThY:: said...

Nice one with a unpredictable ending..!!
Avoid using the same words for consecutive lines..

shakri said...

Thanks Akshita and gomathy for the responses. I am glad you guys enjoyed this little tale.

vani said...

Mr. Rao should still go a step further and post other religious posters to save his compound!!!! One is not sure where to use religions and what it does......

shakri said...

Thanks Vani for the thoughtful comment. I am glad you liked it. :)