Sunday, December 03, 2006

The thrill of a kill

The lethal gloom was apparent. Her nose twitched involuntarily as she looked down upon her latest victim. The weapon used was still in her hand. Happy to have finally been used.

‘You left me no choice buddy,’ she murmured fully aware that she was not being heard.

It all had been so sudden that she suddenly had no memory of having struck the blow.

She let out an extended gasp and collapsed against the wall. The sweat trickled down her spine keeping her awake. Aware. She looked at the dull lamp that lit the room and felt hypnotized under the morose effect it was emanating.

Her fuzzy thoughts took her back to the planning that had gone into this. The various schemes she had drawn out with her partner. The tension that filled those discussions was still fresh in her memory. She felt nauseous at the sight of the blood that trickled from the edge of her weapon.

She flung it to one corner of the room. She was finally glad she could hear herself breathe. She wiped the sweat beads on her forehead and cheek with the sleeve of her T Shirt. She glanced at the motionless body of her victim.

‘Gone with the wind…’ she said to herself with a disturbing giggle.

‘Are you done?’ whispered her partner from outside the room.

‘Yeah…yeah…’ she said with an air of modest confidence.

‘This is not my first time. Yet it feels like one every time I do it’ she added.

‘You are sick. How can you enjoy this?’ the partner whispered coarsely.

‘Hey!’ she yelled ‘One of us had to do it? This was the best shot we had! You chickened out so I did you a favor pal.’

‘Whatever…’ the voice behind the door said,

She sat there admiring her latest execution. She was thrilled at the thought of how she was getting so good at it.

‘Just one shot…’ she said after a few seconds of reflection ‘that’s all I needed. Just one good shot. I should consider baseball seriously.’

She got up lazily and walked towards the door. Her partner stood outside squirming at the sight of the whole incident.

‘Alright…’ she said walking past him ‘…be a man now. Go in and dispose him off. I am not doing that bit. I need a shower. I smell awful.’

He let out a grunt of frustration and walked in with a plastic bag. He kept telling himself this would be the last time he would get involved in the killing of a rodent.

‘These guys are getting smarter each day. No more traps for them…’ he murmured as he reluctantly picked up the dead mouse and placed it into the bag.


3 reflections:

crabby said...

really good.i actually thought that its abt killing some human. is it what we call black humour.

Anonymous said...

Very original!


shakri said...

Thansk guys. Much appreciated. :)