Saturday, August 11, 2007

Handcuffed To Liberty

My personal record so far of experimentations with super-short fiction. I had earlier attempted two variations - one of 100 words and the other of 75 words. Now I dare to venture into a piece stitched with just 60 valuable words that bring a tale to you. I hope this attempt is successful.


Handcuffed to liberty
© ShaKri / 2007

Strange drum rolls echoed through the moist interiors. Her shell was being cajoled by alien noises. A haven of dull silence wrapped in warmth melted into the approaching light. Safe darkness was invaded by the C-shaped gate that grew with each passing pulse. Soon there was cacophony as she silently left her host. She had found liberty – the girl child.

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I Write for Fun said...

Awesome effort!!! Njoy your work to the fullest!!! Keep the great work going!