Monday, August 06, 2007

Separated At Birth

Dear Reader,

I had challenged myself a few months ago to pen something eloquent in just 75 words. It began with 100 words - Love at every flight - and so this was one more step in that direction. Although I stopped attempting more of these, thought those who visit this blog could check this one out. I have one more attempt that took only 60 words...but thats next.


Separated At Birth
© ShaKri / 2007

The light that chose direction stood awaiting its peer’s response. The girl in the automobile continued to stare motionlessly at the outstretched palm in front of her. A mirror image looked back at her with a familiar emotion. Eyes that seemed to wonder at how they were so near yet could not be further away. Different beings from completely opposite universes sharing a common moment. The vehicle’s position changed with the lights but little else.


2 reflections:

Anonymous said...

awsum effort here....neat more!

shakri said...

Thank you, friend. I am glad you liked it. I have sort of stopped writing mini-clips like this one but will try and post what I wrote from before. :)