Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to BLACK

Very few movies have the power to move you in a way you had never imagined was possible. Especially if it happens to be coming from a movie maker known to make loud and colorful cinema (Khamoshi, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas). I had, for some reason I no longer remember, avoided seeing Sanjay Leela's BLACK all these years. While some said the subject was too dark others debated the same. Nonetheless, I finally went ahead and saw the feature today.

The movie is a masterpiece. A classic that needs special recognition and mention everywhere around the world. A story that goes beyond language, color, cultures and other man-made boundaries that bind us away from each other. No amount of appreciative vocabulary can do justice to a brilliant movie like BLACK and hence I decided to give it the same poetic feel that Sanjay so successfully gave.

I just hope I have come remotely close to what I want to express. And even if I have not, I do not care since experiencing experiencing light itself.

Back to BLACK
Her eyes see more than we ever can
Dream of with our eyes shut tight.
Her fingers speak volumes than
All mortals put together ever might.
Her voice springs hidden streams
To life and sound with her every fight.

His eyes see more than she ever could
Wish for in a life of dark solitude.
His fingers on her trembling lips of
Innocence shows her an attitude.
His voice brings the light of a different hue
And shade to her soul’s endless feud.

They are soul mates who meet on a dark evening.
Their fates bound to show each other the light.
His heart beats as one with her every move.
Her smile is his as her pain and delight.

His aging self holds on to his final ray
Of hope who descends in the form of Michelle.
His past and future are no longer his own
As they have found themselves in a magic spell.
He teaches her to see, he teaches her to be
An angel of liberty with a story to tell.

Her aging self is living his every moment
Infinite times and all over again.
Her past and future stitched in a pattern
So unique that it appears mindless to the ignorant sane.
She learns from his wisdom and determined hold
About love and life under the pouring rain.

They are the ideal teacher and student for each other.
Rare individuals who will not give up. Never.
They are the ones who have found true light.
While we with vision are back in black forever.

The rainbow of colors is defined by one.
The mind of melodies is second to none.
The world of darkness is not the world of the blind.
True vision means nothing without knowledge to find.


2 reflections:

mouna said...

One thing... that i've enjoyed in 'BLACK' is the amount of weightage that is given to a teacher-student relationship. Old times... bore this mark... but not now. The senstivity with which the subject is dealt with is amazing.

I wish that i could respect my teachers... as such(deserving ones only)!!!

Simply enchanting!!

The eyes opened....
to the physical dark environment..
but the mind to an environment... of brightness...

shakri said...

I agree. That bond has been highlighted throughout the movie. What an inspiring relationship indeed. Thanks for the words mouna.