Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Me in Times of India - Role Reversal ?

Today is a special day for me. Out of the blue my father calls me up (that too on a weekday which is very unlike him) and tells me someone has used me as an example in an article in the September 18th Editorial section of The Times of India. Of course I have absolutely no idea what it is he is talking about. So I hang up and pace towards the website of Times of India to investigate.

Sure enough! Edwin Sudhir (who works with TOI I assume) has written about me in an article entitled The Bangalore Code to emphasize the growing state of my beloved city. All these days I used to write about my roots and show it to everyone. But this seems to be a rather interesting change of roles as someone else uses me as an example in an article! Truly a special event for a writer.

Please click on the clipping here to read the entire article.


1 reflections:

Ravi said...

Wow that's excellent Shashi... .....Congratulations. You are known world over.

Keep up the good work.