Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Smile please, Mr. HDK!

I guess the title of the article says it all. Do you still need me to elaborate? Gladly! Our dear Chief Minister is doing a lot to score points with the public. And why shouldn't he? After all the only proof governing bodies can provide that they support the people is by doing things for us, isn't it? So here we have dear Mr. HDK going around the state checking into the various villages dotted across the state and dining in them. Fair enough. Here we have Mr. HDK fending off accusations with the familiar shrug we have gotten used to it with a lot of integrity. Good enough. Here we have Mr. HDK dressed as the common man in a simple cotton shirt and trousers to symbolize his down to earth personality. Bull's eye!

But if there is one area our dear CM saar needs a little help with is his body language. A lot of chief ministers in the past have had their own unique personas. If Mr. Krishna had a profound thinker's look on his optimistic face then we had the 'leave me alone…I am tired!' look in Mr. son-of-soil. If we had to put up with the unshaven machismo Mr. Hegde exhibited then who can forget the dancing miracle in Mr. Bangarappa! Indeed we have had our share of a very interesting bunch of individuals who have steered our state in various directions and at varying speeds. Mr. HDK is quite possibly the best thing to happen to us after a long time as far as age is concerned. We do like to see young men and women become part of our aging administrative force in Karnataka. And if the chief of staff on that committee happens to be a bright 40 year old then the better, one would think.

But that is where the error occurs. I challenge you to Google Mr. HDK's photographs and I can confidently wager that you will find only one smiling photograph of our dear CM saar. Does this seem like something we should be bothered about? Yeah! I have always believed that a smile goes a long way. A firm hand shake takes us places and a gentle wink at the right time can do wonders for a career. The situation with Mr. HDK has gotten so beyond hope that even his cartoons and illustrations showcase him as a 'Angry Young Man'. Is Mr. CM so bogged down with baggage that he has forgotten how to smile and send out positive vibes? I hope not.

Come on, sir. We could use a new smiling photograph of yours. I think it is about time. Say cheese please!


4 reflections:

karthik said...

smile for hdk, U must be joking mann!!! the entire family dont have laughter bones. THey have removed it by a surgery to show people as though they are strong.

shakri said...

Well the idea of this write up is to encourage HDK to get a new laughter bone! :)

Thanks for the response. Appreciated.

mouna said...

how about asking hdk to watch some hit comedies... the best would be munnabhai.... anyone one of them.... i'd rather vote for the second one...

what say shakri?

shakri said...

Oh sure! There is an idea. I second your suggestion there mouna. :)

Thanks for the response. I hope it made you smile.