Friday, September 01, 2006

Where is the humanity?

My day starts by looking at the pages of Deccan Herald and Times of India on the Internet. This is a ritual I have stuck to for many years now. Even when I was home in India, my mornings would be decorated by a steaming cup of my mother’s excellent coffee and the newspapers spread eagled across the living room. If my brother found solace in the movies section then my father was a fan of the articles. My mother would occasionally skip through the sections and glance at the news from around the world. Bottom-line was that we all have been great readers of the happenings around us.

I never talk about stuff like this on my blog. This is probably why you will never find many articles here which talks about my daily life or what I am going through in my personal environment. But today is different. Today is a day when my blood is boiling so much about what I read that I just have to write it. If I don’t then chances are I will explode and so will my calm Friday at work.

I am against violence. Nothing can justify it. Nothing should. Not against any living being does violence find justification. Never. If you can breathe, you shall not harm. If you can feel you shall not harm.

Given below are two very tragic and outrageous pieces of crime. The first one is about a sister-duo that went on a killing spree of innocent children. A bunch of seemingly uneducated pair who resorted to kidnapping and extortion to make a living. Without a proper education and upbringing they seem to have found the gall to kill an innocent child. My eyes are filled with blood just writing these words down. Where do these people find the mindset to commit a crime against a child? What sort of human beings are these that do not have the least bit of human element left in them? Has greed and selfish endeavors made us so immune to love that we resort to such demonic rituals? Where is the justice in this? How will putting them to death now do any good for the families who lost their little ones? No. Nothing they will find on earth will ever undo what they did. Never.

The second story below is of an educated chap. A ‘techie’! He goes ahead and chops off his wife’s limbs and dumps her off. As always, here too, money plays a role so big that it takes over humanity. A normal seeming individual who went berserk and decided to kill his own life partner.

Did it matter that the former crime was executed by people with little or no education and that the latter came from a person from the "educated class"? No it did not. It never will. Will it matter that these people will get a death sentence in the courts? Maybe to the generic view of justice done but nothing they will ever suffer can undo their crime.

They did not kill humans. They killed humanity - a crime with no earthly punishment.


2 reflections:

Deepa said...

may I recommend a reading of the New Indian Express as well?! :-)

shakri said...

Thanks Deepa. Sure. I used to read Indian Express too but for some reason we stuck to TOI and DH for many years now.

Will do. :)